Course Title: Tourism and Development

Course No.:  RDS 572

Nature of the Course: Theory                                                             Period per Week: 3

Year: Second                                                                                      Time per Period: 1 hour

Semester: Third                                                                                   Total Period: 48

Level: MA

Course Objectives

The general objective of this course is to provide understanding of the concept, issues, policies and practices of tourism with special references of Nepal. It will be helpful to know, analyze and impart the tourism related knowledge in practical basis. Most specifically it will provide the knowledge about rural tourism relating with rural development of Nepal.

Course Contents                                                                                                                 LH

Unit I:  Introduction                                                                                                             15

1.1 Concept and Components of Tourism

1.2 Basic Approaches to Study the Tourism

Institutional, Product, Historical, Managerial, Economic, Sociological, Geographical, Interdisciplinary, The system

1.3 Types of tourism

1.3.1 Mass and alternative tourism

1.3.2 Special interest tourism

1.3.3 Microscale approach

1.3.4 Meso-level accounts of tourism

1.4. Sustainability of tourism

1.5 Impact of tourism with reference to Nepal

Unit II: Tourism Policy and Planning                                                                                 15

2.1 Tourism policy: A definition

2.2 The focus of tourism policy

2.3 Process of tourism policy formulation

2.4 Role of public sector and tourism policy

2.4.1 From governance to governance

2.4.2 Multilevel governance

2.5 Tourism policy of Nepal (more specifically rural tourism policy)

2.6 Introduction of tourism planning

2.7 Changing approaches to destination planning

2.8 Five Approaches of Tourism Planning

2.8.1 Boosterism

2.8.2 An economic, industry oriented approach

2.8.3 A physical/ spatial approach

2.8.4 A community- oriented approach

2.8.5 A sustainable tourism approach

2.9. Tourism planning process

2.10. Need of tourism planning

Unit III: Tourism Marketing                                                                                               9

3.1 Tourism marketing concept

3.2 Tourism market segmentation and tourism marketing mix

3.3 Contemporary tourism marketing approach

3.3.1 Research – driven tourism market information approach

3.3.2 Relationship marketing approach

3.3.3 The use of technology approach

3.3.4 New tourism product development approach

3.3.5 Corporate social responsibility and marketing ethics approach

3.4 Joint Marketing Efforts

Unit IV: Forms of Tourism                                                                                                  9

4.1. Rural tourism

4.1.1 Concept of rural tourism

4.1.2 Rural tourism and community power

4.1.3 Importance of rural tourism

4.1.4 False assumption of rural tourism

4.1.5 Rural Tourism in Nepal

4.2. Agro tourism

4.2.1 Critical success factors of agro tourism

4.2.2 Prospects and challenges of agro tourism

4.2.3 Revitalization of rural economy through agro tourism

4.2.4 Agro-tourism in Nepal

4.3. Eco tourism: Principles, issues and practices

4.3.1 Eco-tourism in Nepal

4.4 Alternative Forms of Tourism


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