Course Title: Theories of Development

Course Code. RDS 421                                                                                                 Full Marks: 70

Year: First                                                                                                                 Pass Marks: 28

Paper: I                                                                                                             Teaching Hours: 105

Course Objective

  • The objective of this course is to make students familiar with the concepts and theories of development.

Contents                                                                                                                                             TH

Unit-I: Introduction to Development                                                                                               10

1.1 Concept of Development

1.2 Rural Development

1.3 Community Development

1.4 Measuring Economic Growth and Development

1.5 Criticism of Development Measures

Unit-II: Classical and Neo-classical Economics                                                                              15

2.1 Introduction to Political Economy

2.2 Development Thoughts of Classical Economics: Adam Smith, David Ricardo and J.S. Mills

2.3 Critique of Classical Economics

2.4 Emergence of Neo-classical Economics

Unit-III: From Keynesian Economics to Neo-liberalism                                                                20

3.1 Keynesian Economics

3.2 Keynesianism and Social Democracy

3.3 Concept of Development Economics

3.4 Critique of Keynesian Economics

3.5 Relevancy of Neo-liberalism

3.6 Sustainable Development

Unit-IV: Development as Modernization                                                                                        20

4.1 Naturalism and Rationalism

4.2 Civilized Development

4.3 Structural Functionalism and the Parsonian Synthesis

4.4 Critique of Structural Functionalism

4.5 Sociological and Economic Modernization Theory

4.6 Psychocultural Theories of modernization

4.7 Historical stages of growth

4.8 Critique of Modernization Approach

Unit-V: Marxism, Socialism and Development                                                                               20

5.1 Idealism/Spiritualism and Materialism

5.2 Dialectical Materialism

5.3 Capital and Mode of Production

5.4 Development as Social Transformation

5.5 Socialism and Structural Marxism

5.6 Dependency Theory

5.7 World System Theory

5.8 Criticism of Marxism and New-Marxism Theory

Unit-VI: Feminist Theories of Development                                                                                   20

6.1 Feminist Epistemology

6.2 Feminist Criticism of Development Theory

6.3 Women in Development

6.4 Women and Development

6.5 Gender and Development

6.6 Women, Environment and Development

6.7 Postmodernism and Development

6.8 Post-Modern Critique of Development


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