Course Title: Sustainable Development

Course No.:  RDS 573

Nature of the Course: Theory                                                             Period per Week: 3

Year: Second                                                                                      Time per Period: 1 hour

Semester: Third                                                                                   Total Period: 48

Level: MA

Course Objectives

This course aims to enable students to conceptualize the basic ideas, approaches and strategies of sustainable development. More basically, the course intends to analyze the effect of sustainable development in rural livelihood through the deep understanding of its impact on various resources, climate change adaptation and mitigation measures. After the completion of the course, students are expected to use their knowledge in the field of climate change and sustainable issues of rural development.

Course Contents                                                                                                                 LH

Unit I: Introduction                                                                                                  10

  • Sustainable Development: Concepts and Principles
  • Evolution of Sustainable Development Agenda
  • Livelihood approach to sustainable development
  • Relationship between sustainable development and climate change

Unit II: Measuring Sustainable Development                                                        10

2.1 Principles and approaches to sustainable development measurement

2.2 Key indicators of sustainable development

2.3  Sustainable Development Goals ( SDGs) and its indicators

Unit III: Climate Change Adaptation                                                                     12

3.1 Climate change: Concept, scenario, risk and vulnerability

3.2 Cultural theory: Cultural Risk Theory (CRT) on climate change adaptation

3.3 Behavioural theory: Prospect Theory, mitigation and adaptation to climate change

3.4 Global and national efforts on climate change adaptation

Unit IV: Climate Change and Livelihood Strategies in Nepal                              16

4.1 Concept of  livelihood strategies for adaptation

4.2 Interrelationship between climate change and rural livelihood

4.3 Impact of climate change in agriculture, water resources, human health, bio-diversity and natural disaster s

4.4 Rural livelihood adaptation strategies in Nepal (Case studies of various livelihood strategies adopted by different ethnic groups living in different ecological regions)



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