Course: Title: Society and Development

Course Code.: RDS 424                                                                                               Full Marks: 70

Year: Second                                                                                                             Pass Marks: 28

Paper: III                                                                                                       Teaching Hours: 105

Course Objectives

  • The objective of this course is to acquaint students with basic concepts, theories and methods in analyzing rural development process in Nepalese social perspective.

Contents                                                                                                                                             TH

Unit-I: Introduction                                                                                                               25

1.1 Concept of Sociology

1.2 Relation of Sociology with other Social Sciences

1.3 Three major theoretical perspectives on society

 Emile Durkheim: Functionalism, Max Weber: Symbolic Interactionism, Karl Marx: Conflict Theory (Base and Superstructure)

1.4 Major Social Fields and issues in social dimension in Nepalese Context

1.5 Laws and provisions related to social issues in Nepal

Unit-II: Social Structure                                                                                                                    25

2.1 Concept of Social Structure

2.2 Physical, Social and Economic Structure of Society

2.3 Concept and Characteristics of community and social Life

2.4 Social Institution: Family, Marriage, Kinship, Power structure and Economy

2.5 Social Stratification: Caste, Class, Gender and Ethnicity

2.6 Social Learning and Adaptation Process: Enculturation, Acculturation, Assimilation, Sanskritization and Socialization

Unit-III: Social Dynamics and Social Change                                                                                 25

3.1 Social Mobility

3.2 Social Capital

3.3 Social participation

3.4 Gender equality and social inclusion

3.5 Social movement

3.6 Social Mobilization

3.7 Social Security

3.8 Social justice

Unit-IV: Approaches to Social Development                                                                        10

4.1 Culture and Development

4.2 Participatory and Rights based approach

4.3 Identity, Self-esteem and Empowerment

4.4 Self-Help, Self-reliant, Local Initiative Development

4.5 Globalization Vs Localization of Development

Unit-V: Social Organization and Development                                                                    10

5.1             Concept and importance of social organization

5.2             Basic Elements of Social Organization

5.3 Induced and Indigenous Social Organization

5.4. Leader and Leadership in social organization

5.5. Role of Leadership in social organization and social change

Unit-VI: Application of sociological knowledge in different social fields               10

6.1             Population and Health

6.2             Forestry and Bio-diversity Conservation

6.3 Education and Employment

6.4             Human Trafficking

6.5             Gender Equity


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