Four-Year BA Syllabus Endorsed by TU Academic Council

First Year RDS 421: Theories of Development RDS 422: Basic Research Methods Second Year RDS 423: Economics and Development RDS 424: Society and Development Third Year RDS 425: Governance and Development Electives RDS 410: Development Practices RDS 410: Entrepreneurship Fourth Year RDS 426: Environment and Development RDS 427: Planning and Project Management मूल्याङ्कन ढाँचाः ७० ...
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In-house Seminar and Guest Lecture

The CDRD introduces a series of in-house seminar, and Guest Lecture programs where a Guest Speaker will be invited to bring into discussion on the national and international discourse. It will generally take place on the last Friday of each month. 1. Guest Lecture by Dr.Baburam Bhattrai 2. Guest Lecture by B. Surendran on August ...
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