Course Title: Measurements in Development

Course No.: RDS 555

Nature of the Course: Theory                                          Period per Week: 3

Year: First                                                                            Time per Period: 1 hour

Semester: First                                                                                 Total Period: 48

Level: MA

Course Objectives

The general objectives of this course are to impart knowledge and level of understanding of social statistics with their application and to make students familiar with research techniques and tools in social sciences. Specifically, this course is designed to enhance knowledge and understanding of simple statistical analysis about central tendency and dispersion, correlation and regression, probability distribution and sampling techniques.

Course Contents                                                                                                                 LH

Unit I: Descriptive Statistics                                                                          12

1.1 Review of Measure of Central Tendency and Dispersion

1.2 Coefficient of Correlation

1.3 Partial and Multiple Correlations

1.4 Simple and Multiple Regression Analysis

Unit II:  Probability and Probability Distribution                                 10

2.1 Theory of Probability

2.2 Probability Distribution

2.3 Mathematical Expectation

2.4 Binomial and Normal Distribution

Unit: III Inferential Statistics                                                                   18

3.1 Sampling Techniques

3.2 Sampling Distribution

3.3 Point Estimation

3.4 Hypothesis

3.5 Sample Size Determination

3.6 Parametric Tests (z, t and F)

3.7 Analysis of Variance

3.8 Nonparametric Tests (Chi-square(χ²) Test, Sign Test, , Wilcoxon Signed Rank Test, Rank Sum Test, Mann-Whitney Test)

Unit IV: Measurements in Development with Introduction to SPSS and GIS     7

4.1 Human Development Index

4.2 Multidimensional Poverty Index

4.3 Gini Coefficient


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