Course Title: Marketing and Entrepreneurship Development (Optional)

Course No.:  RDS 584

Nature of the Course: Theory                                                          Period per Week: 3

Year: Second                                                                                   Time per Period: 1 hour

Semester: Fourth                                                                              Total Period: 48

Level: MA

Course Objectives

This course aims to impart student the concept of marketing and entrepreneurship development. It will enhance their skill to analyze the nature, process and strategies associated with marketing and its relationship with entrepreneur.

Course Contents                                                                                                                 LH

Unit I: Foundations of Entrepreneurship                                                                           15

1.1 Introduction to Entrepreneurship

1.1.1 Entrepreneurship in economic theory

1.1.2 Conception of entrepreneurship

1.1.3 Entrepreneurship, economic development and Institutions

1.1.4 Entrepreneurship as rural economic development policy

1.2 Theories of Entrepreneurship

1.2.1 Early theories of entrepreneurship (Cantillon to Marshall)

1.2.2 Antecedents to the entrepreneurial-discovery approach

1.2.3 Kirzner’s theory of entrepreneurial discovery

1.2.4 Characteristics of entrepreneurial alertness

1.2.5 Kirzner’s conception of the market process

Unit II: Institutions, Culture and Entrepreneurship                                                         10

2.1 Psychological determinants

2.2 Institutions I: Rule of law, property and contract

2.3 Institutions II: Money, political and legal decentralisation and economic freedom

2.4 Culture and alertness

Unit III: Measuring Entrepreneurship and GEDI                                                            15

2.1 Measuring Basic Entrepreneurship

2.1.1 Self-employment rate

2.1.2 Business ownership rate

2.1.3 Entry and exit rates

2.1.4 GEM and TEAI

2.1.5 Other measures

2.2 Designing Composite Entrepreneurship Indicators

2.2.1 Selecting dimensions and indicators

2.2.2 Estimating composite indicators (Methods I-IV)

2.3 Global Entrepreneurship and Development Index (GEDI)

2.3.1 Global entrepreneurship and development index

2.3.2 Performance by country and country group

2.3.3 Enhancing entrepreneurship ecosystems

2.3.4 Methodology and data description

Unit IV: Entrepreneurship and Business Environment in Nepal                         8

4.1 Micro-Enterprise Policies 2008

4.2 Industrial Policies, 2011

4.3 Development of Manufacturing Industries in Nepal


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