MA Program

The department offers a Masters program(Master of Arts) in Rural Development. The program differs from the previous one(its predecessor) in terms of both theoretical structure and students’ performance evaluation system. Unlike its predecessor, it is based on the semester system, which is a recent development in the history of higher education in Nepal. The rational behind the adoption of such a system lies in the historically and empirically substantiated  fact that it is only through the academic programs based on a semester system that more students are more likely to develop their latent intellectual ability, which is reflected in such intellectual products as thesis, articles and books.

The MA program in Rural Development aims at producing such men power(be they development practitioners, development researchers or university teachers) as are well equipped with both adequate theoretical knowledge and great skill required to translate that knowledge into action in the field of development in general and rural development in particular. Faculty members who have gained a critical and analytical understanding of various theoretical insights derived from different social science disciplines, which help us understand development in general and rural development in particular. They are also engaged in a serious research with a view to broadening the base of their knowledge and contributing to the knowledge base of the development studies they belong to.