Course Title: Research Methodology

Course No.: MRD 575

Nature of the Course: Theory                                         Period per Week: 3

Year: Second                                                                       Time per Period: 1 hour

Semester: Third                                                                  Total Period: 48

Level: MA

Course Objectives

Rural development is a multidisciplinary discipline that requires knowledge about different social phenomenon and relationships. The rural development practitioners have to dig out those social relationships with the help of social science research. In this regard, the course is aimed to acquaint the students with the knowledge, technique and process of social science research, preparation of research as well as development project proposals. It aims to help students to be an independent researcher in rural development issues by making them capable of following the process of scientific inquiry in rural development issues.

Course Contents                                                                                                                 LH

Unit I: Conceptual Understanding of Research Methodology              14

1.1 Difference between Method and Methodology

1.2 Difference between Quantitative and Qualitative Research and its Triangulation

1.3 Research Process in Quantitative Research Method

1.4 Research Process in Qualitative Research Method

1.5 Ethical Issues and Plagiarism in Research

Unit II: Research Design                                                                         10

2.1 Philosophy of Research

2.2 Measurement Theory

2.3 Major Quantitative Research Designs

2.4 Major Qualitative Research Designs

2.5 Reliability and Validity

Unit III: Data Collection and Analysis                                           16

3.1 Primary and Secondary Sources of Data

3.2 Probability and Non-Probability Sampling Techniques

3.3 Quantitative Techniques and Tools

3.4 Qualitative Techniques and Tools

Unit IV: Scientific Research Writing                                                           8

4.1. Types of Writings

4.2. Exploring Research Issues in Rural Development

4.3. Writing a Proposal

4.4. Organization of the Research Writing

4.5 Presentation of Research Writing


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