Course Title: Governance and Development

Course Code.: RDS 425                                                                                                 Full Marks:  70

Paper: V                                                                                                                     Pass Marks:  28

Year: Third                                                                                                       Teaching Hours: 105

Course Objectives

  • To provide the students with the concept and knowledge about the government and its relationship with democracy, governance and local development in the context of Nepal.
  • To instruct the students with knowledge about the role of local governments, political parties, civil society, civic organizations CBOs, pressure groups and I/NGOs for the local development.
  • To prepare the students with in-depth knowledge about the linkage and relationships of government and local government.
  • After completing the course, the students will be able to understand the role of government, institutions and local governance in the context of rural development.

Contents                                                                                                                                             TH

Unit-I: Government and Governance                                                                                               30

1.1 Meaning and Concept of Government and Governance

1.2 Types and Role of Government

1.3 Organs of Government: Executive, Legislative and Judiciary

1.4 Forms of Governance: Unitary and Federalism

1.5 Federalism in Nepal: Opportunities and challenges

1.6 Concept and Elements of Good Governance

1.7 Social Accountability and Its Tools (Public Audit, Public Hearing, Citizen Charter and Right to Information)

Unit-II: Local Governments in Nepal                                                                                               25

2.1 Decentralization: Concepts, Forms and role in Development

2.2 Concept of Local Governments

2.3 Local Government Operation Act 2074

2.4 Composition, Power and Functions of Rural Municipality, Municipality, Sub- Metropolitan, Metropolitan and DCC

2.5 Opportunities and Challenges of Local Governments

2.6 Role of Local Governments in Development

Unit-III: Democracy and Constitution in Nepal                                                                               20

3.1 Meaning and Concept of Democracy

3.2 Nature, Characteristics, Merits and Demerits of Democracy

3.3 Constitutional Development of Nepal

3.4 Features of the Constitution of the Kingdom of Nepal, 2072 with specific Reference to Local Development (22 Rights)

Unit-IV: Electoral System and Democratic Political Institutions                                         15

4.1 Electoral System: Direct, Indirect and Proportional Representation

4.2 Concept, Characteristics and role of Political Party in development

4.3 Constitutional Organs and their role in Governance and Development (CIAA, Auditor General, National Human Rights Commission and National Natural Resources Commission, Election Commission and Fiscal Commission)

4.4 Political Participation and its Implication in Rural Development

4.5 Role of Political Parties in Rural Development

Unit-V: Local Government and Administrative System                                                                   15

5.1 Concept, Characteristics and Development of Nepalese Administrative System

5.2 Concept of Development Administration

5.3 Local Administrative Units and their Linkages with Local Bodies

5.4 (Concept and) Role of Bureaucracy in Public Service Delivery of Local Government

5.5 Bureaucracy and Governance in Local Government

Unit-VI: Civil Society, Civic Institutions and Development                                                  15

6.1 Role of CBOs, NGOs and INGOs in Social Mobilization and Development

6.2 Media, Governance and Development

6.3 Civil society, Nature and its role in Development

6.4 Role of FNCCI, NGO Federation, FECOFUN and NCFN in governance and development


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