Practical: Development of a Business Model/Plan (DoBM/P)

Full Marks: 30

Pass Marks: 15                                                                                            Teaching Hours: 45



  • Mid-term examination should be conducted by Campus/College.
  • This course offers students to involve in preparing a business model/plan (PoBM/C) for the partial fulfillment of the requirement which is compulsory to all. For it, students should be in close coordination with their assigned faulty member/s for the completion of the task. The potential area of the task can be on the topic related to the various small business industries which have contributed to the economic development of Nepal.
  • The business model should be submitted to the respective campus/college. The students should compulsorily present their accomplished task for final evaluation and approval in the presence of respective faculty member/s and external.
  • Students should bear the expenses of proposal writing and other related activities as fixed by the respective campuses/colleges.

Proposal Format:

  • Face-Sheet (with study title, submitted to Campus/College, submitted by-name of student, T.U. Regd. No. and class roll no.)



  • Background of the Issues, Significance of the Issues, Reviews of article/book, Summary.
  • References


Page Format:      Margin- Standard (1.5  inch right 1 inch top, bottom and right) Font – Times New Roman, titles font size-14, text font size-12, 1.5 line space, pages: 15-20 at Microsoft Word.