The primary object of the Central Department of Rural Development (CDRD) is to acquaint the students with a thorough multidisciplinary theoretical knowledge as well as an in-depth knowledge of multi-dimensional aspects of a predominantly rural country like Nepal and rural development process typical of Nepal. The M.A. program in Rural Development is intended to produce such experts who can serve as a competent rural development cadre and who are capable of fulfilling the demand for highly skilled rural development experts in the government and non- governmental sectors in the country and beyond.

The syllabus specifically aims at:-

  • Equipping the students with required conceptual knowledge of rural development.
  • Enabling them to serve the current needs of rural society.
  • Enabling them to translate theoretical knowledge into practice
  • Enabling them to analyze the specific issues related to rural socio-political and economic issues.
  • Enabling them to develop ability to carry out an empirical research on  various rural development issues, especially in the light of multidisciplinary insights into development in general and rural development in particular.
  • Enabling them to convince rural people to select and use the appropriate technology suitable for them.
  • Enabling them to formulate rural development plans at the local level.
  • Enabling them to handle independent rural development projects with  confidence