Development has always been subjected to critical enquiry. Rural Development is a sub-field of development studies. From this point of view, there are nine papers in this course of which seven are mandatory and two are functional. These papers bring students into discussion about issues of development, which are urgent, massive and complex.   


The objectives of this course are to acquaint the students with theories, approaches, techniques and issues of rural development.

It is also to promote the scientific approach in identifying development issues and solving problems practically regarding social, economic, political and environmental sectors.

Course Structure

First Year

Code No. Paper Title TheoryPracticalFull Marks
I RDS 421 Theories of Development 70 30 100
II RDS 422 Basic Research Methods 70 30 100
Second Year
III RDS 423 Economics and Development 70 30 100
IV RDS 424 Society and Development 70 30 100
Third Year
V RDS 425 Governance and Development 70 30 100
Elective Paper
VI RDS 410 Development Practices 70 30 100
Fourth Year
VII RDS 426 Environment and Development 70 30 100
VIII RDS 427 Planning and Project Management 70 30 100