Course Title: Agriculture and Development

Course No.: RDS 565

Nature of the Course: Theory and Practical                        Period per Week: 3

Year: First                                                                             Time per Period: 1 hour

Semester: Second                                                                             Total Period: 48

Level: MA


Course Objectives

This course intends to enable students to have sound knowledge of the theories of agricultural development, agriculture and rural development, agriculture policy and programs, agriculture modernization and entrepreneurship development, and agriculture finance. After completing this course, the students will prepare a mini-research report on agriculture and rural development based on the field survey data.

Course Contents                                                                                                LH

Unit I: Theories of Agricultural Development                                         16

1.1 Historical Context of Agricultural Development

1.2 Population Pressure and Agricultural Development in Developing Countries

1.3 Schultz’s Theory of Traditional Agriculture Transformation

1.4 Jorgenson’s Dual Economy Model

1.5 Boserup’s Theory of Agrarian Change

1.6 Technology Transfer Theory on Agriculture

Unit II: Food Security and Rural Development                                           12

2.1 Status of Food Security

2.2 Poverty, Hunger and Malnutrition

2.3 Economic of Food Demand and Supply

2.4 Agendas for Food Security

Unit III: Agriculture Growth and Sustainability                                        10

3.1 Integrated Farming System

3.2 Farmer Managed Irrigation System

3.3 Agriculture Cooperative and Farming

3.4 Atmospheric and Agriculture Production Trends

3.5 Threats to Sustainable Farming System

Unit IV: Agricultural Financing, Policies, Programs and Projects          10

4.1 Financing in Agriculture Sector

4.2 Policies related to Food Security and Food Nutrition

4.3 Agriculture Perspective Plan (APP), Agriculture Development Strategy (ADS) & Land Use Plan (LUP)

4.4 One Village One Product (OVOP) & Agriculture Super Zone (ASZ) Programs

4.5 High Mountain Agribusiness and Livelihood Improvement (HIMALI) Project

4.6 Project for Agriculture Commercialization and Trade (PACT) Project


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